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Sustainability, ESG, climate change, no planet B, etc are buzz words that we have all heard and perhaps used in the recent past.  At EO Gurgaon, these are not just buzz words for us – we aim to practice these to our fullest potential and towards that, we aim to make RIE in December one of the most sustainable events of EO.

There are many initiatives that we are undertaking that will hopefully make this not only a once in a lifetime kind of event, but we hope that each participant will take back an idea of sustainability that can perhaps be implemented in your personal or professional lives.

Just some of the initiatives that we are working on are:

  • Making the event a zero single use plastic event (and hopefully a zero plastic event)
  • Tie up with NGO’s to ensure excess food is given to the needy
  • Planting of a tree for each member who has registered

A few other things are lined up and hope to surprise you in December.  See you soon.

Team sustainability – RISE 2022 – EO Gurugram