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1. Who can attend RIE 2022?

RIE 2022 is open to all members and SLP’s of EO.

2. What is the cost of RIE 2022?

Costs of attending RIE 2022 can be found on the registrations page.

3.What does the registration fee include?

The registration fee includes entry for all learning events, Socials, all meals from high tea on 15TH DECEMBER to Dinner on 17TH DECEMBER and off-sites. It does not include visa cost, airfares, airport transfers, accommodation or any personal expenses.

4. What is the last date for registration?

This is a limited capacity event. Registrations will close when we reach our capacity or by the 10th of December, whichever comes first. Amendments to this policy are subject to any change of rules of the government and the decision will be taken by the RIE Committee accordingly. This will be updated on the website.

5. I am a new member, can I use my Event Voucher Discount for RIE?

Yes, a member who has joined EO on or after 2 April 2019 is eligible to use the Event voucher for RIE. If you satisfy this criteria, please click on the checkbox on the website that says “I want to use my Event Voucher”. Your registration will be on hold while the RIE team verifies this and a payment link will be sent to you once this is completed. You will pay RIE Registration Fee less the value of the Event Voucher. Registration will be completed only once the payment is completed and verified.

6. How do I know if I am eligible for an Event Voucher?

Login to > My Profile > Member Since dd/mm/yy [Your joining date]. If your joining date is on or after 2 April 2019, you are eligible.

7. How do I register for the off-site?

There are several parallel off-site’s and you can register for all on the website. Each offsite will be closed once the maximum number is reached. Offsites will be on chargeable basis.

8. Can I change my offsite preference later on?

This is subject to availability. All such requests should be made by email on or before 5th December 2022.

9. Will I be staying at the same hotel where RIE is scheduled to happen?

The main event of RIE is at Andaz, Aerocity. Members have the choice to stay in 2 different hotels as of now, all close to each other. Details of these are on the website. Each hotel has a certain number of rooms blocked and will not be available once the room block is sold out. You will be able to book your rooms through the RIE website and we suggest you book it as soon as you can.

10.What is the process to transfer my RIE registration?

It is the member’s responsibility to find another EO Member who they want to transfer their ticket to. Once identified, kindly let us know by email on Please include details of the member [Name, Chapter, Email id, Phone number] you are transferring to. Please note, it is the responsibility of the member who is requesting for the transfer to find an exact match for your registration i.e. if you have paid for a member only ticket, then the transfer can happen to another individual member. If you have signed up for a Member + SLP ticket, then the transfer can happen to another member + SLP as replacement. If a member has used a new member voucher, he/she can only transfer to another member who is eligible for the voucher. Transfer of money will be between the members and will not be in the purview of RIE 2022. The transfer will be completed once both parties confirm acceptance via email. The final invoice will be raised in favor of the actual attendee.

11. When do I have to pay the full registration fee?

You need to pay the full registration fee on the website to confirm your seat while registering.

12. What are the payment options available?

You can pay via credit card [encouraged for immediate confirmed registration] or wire the money by RTGS/NEFT [Registration will be confirmed once received in RIE account]. The wire transfer details are on the website. Incase of wire transfer, please email with the transaction ID and other relevant particulars. Registration will be confirmed once the payment is confirmed by the RIE Finance Team.

13. Can I pay the fee through my company account and receive an invoice in my company name?

Yes you can, please indicate the invoicing details on the website.

14. What are the cancellation terms?

EO RIE 2022 registration fee is non-refundable unless the event is cancelled/postponed by the organisers due to any government guidelines.

15. Can I transfer my registration?

You can transfer your registration till 15th November 2022 subject to availability. Beyond this date, transfer requests are not accepted.

16. How do I register for myEO events?

The link to register for myEO will be on the website from xx xxxxx 2022. MyEO payments are separate from the RIE registration fee.

17. What is the cancellation policy for myEO events ?

Registration fee is non-refundable unless the event is cancelled/postponed by the organisers due to any government guidelines.

19. Can I transfer my myEO event registration?

The policy is the same as RIE transfers. Please refer to point 10.

20. When will I get my invoice?

All invoices will be made during the month of December.

21. Can I get a GST Invoice?

A Google Form will be sent to members that register where they can opt in for a GST Invoice after sharing relevant GST details.

22. How will I get updates on the event?

Closer to the event dates, you will start receiving updates on your registered email address with more information on speakers, socials, learning events etc.